Presentation of our school

Presentation of our school.
Athénée Royal de Ganshoren is a multicultural school in Brussels Capital Region. Ganshoren is one of the 19 communes of the capital. The students are from +/-35 different origins. There are about 1050 students in the secondary school and 600 in the pre-primary and primary school. They are 12 up to 18 years old. Almost all the students live in Brussels. It’s a mix of Belgian students, migrants from the third or fourth generation and newly arrived ones from all over Europe and Africa. French is not the first language for most of the students. To keep the students on track, the school organizes homework help and a large remediation program. A part of the students have to face discrimination and social exclusion (origins, religion, employment…). Brussels is facing an important increase in its population which is the youngest in Belgium but which also has the highest level of unemployment (20%).
That’s why our school organizes a lot of activities to help the students to find a job or make a good choice for their studies as you can see in the video.

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